Melissa McBride Neck Lift Before and After Photos

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? If so, you might have a couple of favorite characters, there are many to choose from. One of the most popular characters on the show is Carol, who is played by Melissa McBride.  She was born in the United States and has been in a few movies and TV shows, as well as holding the position as a decorated casting director. Her character as Carol is probably one of the most relatable characters out there; she is proof that there does not have to always be bad in the world – regardless of circumstances.  McBride is 50 years old, and her age is not evident in her physical appearance. She has a natural beauty, however, there are some before and after photos out there that would make you question if Melissa McBride neck lift procedure happened recently.

Melissa Mcbride Neck Lift before and after photos

Melissa Mcbride Neck Lift

Proof of Melissa McBride’s Neck Lift Surgery

Proof can be a deciding factor when trying to decide whether something actually happened or not. The physical proof of a neck lift is extremely evident in Melissa McBride neck lift before and after photos. The first solid piece of evidence can be seen when you look at the before picture of her neck. You will notice that her skin is beginning to lose elasticity due to her age. It is something that happens to many people, so it is very obvious when something like this is there and then gone. The after photos show that her neck appears to be much tighter and more elastic. The simple explanation for this is that she had a neck lift in order to get a younger, more radiant appearance.

Neck lifts are extremely common in the world of plastic surgery.  It is so popular due to the amazing benefits that are offered from the procedure. Many people who have had these types of surgeries in the past said that they were satisfied with the tight, wrinkle free look that their neck had after recovery. They tend to last for a while too, so expect Melissa McBride to look great for years to come!