Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mercedes Edison is a beautiful model who is famous for her shoots in big name tattoo magazines. She is well known and has made a significant impact on the modeling scene in the few years that she had been around. Because of her popularity there is also some critics who have nothing good to say. One of the hotly debated topics around her is over whether or not she had plastic surgery to enhance her looks. While it would appear that she had some work done to fix some of her imperfections it is not a reason to demonize her. Here are two of the surgeries that critics have tried to slam her for since she began her career.

Mercedes Edison plastic surgery before and after photos

Mercedes Edison plastic surgery

It would appear that Mercedes has a lip job judging by the before and after photos. There is a big difference between her lips then and now. The most common reason someone gets a lip job is because they want to make their lips full, therefor boosting their sex appeal. Since she is a model it would not be a surprise to find out that just by getting her lips done she was able to land some pretty decent spots in her modeling career.

The other surgery that people like to point out in a bad way is her nose job. In the before pictures her nose was broad and flat, now it has an upward pointed thin look. The only logical explanation for this drastic change is that she had cosmetic work done to change it. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Even if she did have a few minor procedures it does not make her a bad person or any less of a model. If people spent more time focusing on her success they would see that if anything the surgeries might have helped, but they did not make her who she is today.