Micaela Schäfer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Micaela Schäfer is a German born actress, model, singer, and TV personality. She has one of the most varied job sets in the business and she manages to pull each one off quite well. It is amazing to see someone who is so beautiful and capable of doing so much with their life with just a little effort. Many people are debating about weather Micaela has plastic surgery or not. When you take a gander at her before and after photos it is hard to deny that there was not a little work done there to increase her looks. There are at least two surgeries that are easy to spot in the following photos.

Micaela Schäfer plastic surgery before and after photos

Micaela Schäfer plastic surgery

First of all you can see that she had a nose job. You can see in the after photos her nose appears to be small and tight, as if some of it was removed or shaped. The only reason her nose would look so drastically different would be if she decided to get cosmetic surgery to get it changed. Doctors will do many different types of surgeries, and getting a nose job is very common. She likely found someone who has been doing it for years and he did a great job with her procedure.

Besides the nose surgery you can see that there were some serious changes in her lips over the years. The odds are she was unhappy with the way her lips look and decided to get a lip job to make her lips appear more full and luscious. This is another procedure that was well thought out because you can tell that whoever did the lip job knew what they were doing. Considering the busy lifestyle of Micaela it is no wonder that she got some plastic surgery to keep looking young and beautiful for as long as she possibly can.