Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Her Youtube videos has sure paved the path to her fame, however this makeup queen is a little more than her skin deep beauty. Comparing her before and after pictures, it seems that the makeup guru has most likely gone under the knife a tad too many times for a nose job, a jaw surgery and double eyelid surgery.

Has Michelle Phan had plastic surgery?

Michelle Phan Before After Plastic Surgery 2014, eyes and nose

Now, given her profession, her fans are feeling a tad too betrayed that being a skin care specialist and makeup guru she actually opted for plastic surgery to tweak her looks. When she preaches all about how makeup can transform anybody’s look completely, the fact that she chose plastic surgery over makeup is rather depressing to her fan base. If her before and after pictures are compared carefully it showcases a sharper jaw line which was rather rounded in the past. The bones of her side jaws have been shaved to give her a sharper chin along with a tiny chin implant. Plastic surgery is one phenomenon which is a little too popular in South Korea, and this makeup guru has been tainted by it as well, since the next surgery she has gone for is a rhinoplasty. Her nose was much wider in her older pictures, while her new pictures reveal a much shaper tip and bridge and overall thinner nose.

Her third venture under the knife is a double eyelid surgery, which has definitely opened up her eyes a lot more than before, giving her a doe eyes look. Previously her eyes were a lot smaller which she used to enlarge using making up in most of her videos. However, this time it seems that makeup wasn’t enough to give it a desired appearance. The Korean makeup guru has sure lost all the innocence her face had before the surgeries.

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  1. Michelle Phan isn’t Korean; she’s Vietnamese. A simple google search would’ve revealed that. Since the writer is assuming things, she probably went ahead and assumed Phan’s gender as well lol

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