Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Michelle Rodriguez is a world famous actress who has starred in many movies such as Resident Evil, Avatar, and The Fast and Furious series She has made a huge impact on the Hollywood scene and has shown that she is capable of doing many different roles, her acting skills are extraordinary. Besides her great acting she also has some very good looks, some people suggest that these looks are due to plastic surgery. It is a hard decision to make, but this before and after photos should help you decide for yourself. On that note here are two of the most common surgeries people suggested this star had through the years.

Michelle Rodriguez plastic surgery before and after photos

Michelle Rodriguez plastic surgery

The first thing everyone picks up on is the fact that her nose looks completely different now than it did just a couple of years ago. Michelle Rodriguez used to have a broad nose that faced down, now when you look at pictures of her it looks like her nose has become small and pointed upward, which is usually a sign that someone had a nose job If the change in nose is not enough you can look at her pictures and see that there has been a drastic change.

The other change that occurred throughout her before and after photos is the obvious facelifts that she received throughout the years She is getting close to 40 years old, so the signs of aging are going to start appearing. The best thing she could have done is get a little Botox injection filler in the trouble areas around her face. Most people complain of frown lines around the mouth, and as you can see Michelle does not have any noticeable frown lines in sight. Granted she was always beautiful, but these last couple cosmetic surgeries have done wonders for her physically and in her career.