Monica Culpepper Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Survivor star and wife of NFL player Brad Culpepper, Monica Culpepper looks as gorgeous as ever in her recent photographs. The diva is now in her forties, however going by her recent pictures she looks extremely well in shape, and her skin looks as flawless as it can get. Although Monica is known to be quite fitness conscious which can be the reason behind her perfect bikini body, however few are of the opinion that it is difficult to maintain such a body after 2 kids and at her age. So is a tummy tuck a probable reason behind her gorgeous body?

Has Monica Culpepper had Plastic Surgery?

Monica Culpepper plastic surgery before after

In her recent pictures as compared to the ones captured couple of years ago, Monica doesn’t seem to have a dint of wrinkle. Now, this is not only unnatural, but also a tad too hard to believe for someone in their forties. Her forehead has become way too smooth like porcelain and the area around her eyes is quite stretched, which usually is the outcome of excessive Botox injections. Now, going under the blade for tightening one’s skin or getting a perfect body is something quite common for celebs wishing to fight the natural signs of ageing.

Another change in her appearance that is a tad too obvious is her jaw line and her neck, which looks pretty perky. Monica might have gone under the blade to get her jaw line fixed along with tightening the skin under her neck. This is a very common procedure which can be fixed with Botox and other fillers. Monica Culpepper hasn’t been very open about whether or not she has opted for plastic surgery to maintain her appearance even at forty one, however, few things are a little too obvious if the before and after pictures are compared carefully.

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