Nancy Grace Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Nancy Grace is the wildly popular social and political commentator who has been on many shows and stations throughout the years. Right now she currently has a show on HLN where she discusses current events and trials in our society. Nancy Grace has been in business for a long time, she is 55 years old today and she appears to be slightly younger than that. So how does Nancy manage to keep looking young even though she is over 50 years old? The people who love and hate her both agree that she had work done on her face in the form of plastic surgery.

Nancy Grace Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Nancy Grace Plastic Surgery

The commentator clearly had work done to improve her looks, this is not unheard of when you are on television, but what kind of plastic surgery did she have done? If you look at the space around her lips and nose you can see that she had botox injections to help smooth out the fine lines that tend to plague people as they get older. Botox injections are one of the most common plastic surgeries, so it would not be a surprise to find out that Nancy opted to get this simple procedure done, but what else is there?

Well if you look carefully at the before and after photos you can tell that she had a chin job to help keep her face looking strong and healthy. Most of the time a chin job involves the sculpting and forming of what is already there, or even sometimes extra will be taken away to give the chin a small neat appearance. While Nancy Grace has made more enemies then friends in her years on the air she will likely be around for years to come. It is likely that she will also be looking great well into her sixties with a little help from her favorite plastic surgeon.

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