Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Nicki Minaj’s Plastic Surgery experiments are hot news among her fans as well as celebrity gossip mongers. The ‘Starships’ singer has come a long way from her debut in the music industry. We have seen her changing appearance in her clothes and make-up she chooses for her music videos and public appearances. Now, if that isn’t enough, she has also been using a plastic surgeon’s help to stand out in the celebrity world.

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Photo

She may not have admitted to have gone under the knife, but it is for all to see that there are some major changes on her body. The latest rumor is about a breast augmentation procedure. Prior to this, she was rumored to have followed Kim Kardashian’s path and undergone a buttock implant procedure. Probably the recent boob job was intended to balance out her unnaturally large butts. Now Nicki, who is also famous as a female rapper, has that perfect body to draw more fans to her glamorous music videos and performances.

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The latest news comes in with speculations on a nose surgery and cheek augmentation procedure. Also we have word from plastic surgeons that Nicki Minaj might have gone for a Brazilian Buttlift procedure to make them look more fuller and rounder. The nose job is speculated to be an attempt at narrowing the tip of her nose and nostrils. Her recently acquired ‘flatter’ cheeks may be the result of filler injections also.

Nicki Minaj has denied every rumor connected to her involvement with cosmetic surgery, but we no better from her photographs. Looks like she has a lot more to do to get herself a glamorous body and face.

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