Beth Behrs Plastic Surgery Rumors – Possible Nose Job?

Beth Behrs plastic surgery nose job before and after photos

I bet you know Beth Behrs from the hit TV show 2 Broke Girls, which costars Kat Dennings. She is the cute ditzy blonde who always manages to help get the two into some pretty outrageous situation.  Beth is also known for appearing in the spinoff of … [Continue reading]

Kat Dennings Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kat Denning plastic surgery before and after photos

Kat Dennings has been involved with some pretty big name TV Show. Her most famous role would probably be in the hit comedy TV show 2 Broke Girls with costar, Beth Behrs. You may also recognize Dennings from the Thor movies. You might even remember … [Continue reading]

Alanna Masterson Botox Before and After Photos

Alanna Masterson Botox before and after photos

Alanna Masterson is a New York native who is well known for her extensive acting career.  The 27 year old has starred in newer TV shows such as The Walking Dead, as well as older shows such as  Grey’s Anatomy, Malcolm in the Middle, and The Young and … [Continue reading]

Christian Serratos Lip Job Before and After Photos

Christian Serratos Lip Job before and after photos

Christian Serratos has it all – good looks, an active lifestyle, and an impressive acting career despite being just 25 years old. She has been in many different movies and TV shows in her time on the screen, but she is most well known for her roles … [Continue reading]