Jessica Lange Facelift Before and After Photos

Jessica Lange Facelift before and after photos

Jessica Lange is one of the most memorable cast members in the FX show American Horror Story along with Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, and Frances Conroy. She decided to take a break from the 2015 season subtitled Hotel. It is hard to talk about a show … [Continue reading]

Kathy Bates Neck Lift Before and After Photos

Kathy Bates Neck Lift before and after photos

If you are a fan of the macabre you likely know who Kathy Bates is in the movie world. She is well known as her role as the diabolic Anne Wilkes in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery. One of her most famous roles however is in the hit TV … [Continue reading]

Kandi Burruss Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Kandi Burruss Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Kandi Burruss breast implants might catch some people by surprise. Did you know that she had the procedure done?  If not, you may have never seen pictures of her from when she was younger. Kandi is one of the many personalities on the TV show The … [Continue reading]

Cynthia Bailey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cynthia Bailey Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Consider that there are a huge number of stars to come out of the hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta including Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams. One of the other great figures in this show is Cynthia Bailey. She is respectable, beautiful, … [Continue reading]