Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Baywatch star and former Playboy model, Pamela Anderson has publically admitted to have undergone plastic surgery. However, her confessions reveal only her addiction for breast augmentation treatments. Experts point out that Pam has had a lot more plastic surgery to various parts of her body, especially her face.

The 46 year old Canadian-American actress is best known for her roles in popular shows like Baywatch and VIP. In the 90s she was featured on the cover of Playboy magazine, five times – a record that stands to date. Before her walk to fame, she worked as a fitness instructor in Vancouver. Proud vegan and an active animal rights activist, Pam Anderson was married thrice and is a mother of two.

The young Pamela is barely recognizable – she had a naturally pretty face which should not have gone under the knife for beauty enhancements. Like any other case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, facelifts are the most prominent culprits in ruining that pretty face. Regular doses of Botox and facelifts have managed to keep her youth intact even after the age of 40. However, this has stretched out her facial skin and resulted in an unnatural appearance. A nose job, liposuction, cheek implants and lip augmentation are also being rumored about.


Pamela Anderson before and after plastic surgery photo

Pam had her breast implants at a very young age and later had them removed in 1999. It is also rumored that she had a breast reduction surgery. The changes to her bust area were fairly visible to her fans as well as celebrity watchers – there is no argument against her tryst with plastic surgery in this case.

Majority of Pam’s fans are off the opinion that plastic surgery has only made her beautiful and sexier than ever before. Anderson’s plastic surgery love is also rumored to have inspired some of these fans to follow her lead.

What do you think – is Pam prettier now or then?

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