Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Park Bom is a singer who is showing the world how sometimes too much plastic surgery can be bad for you. It is clear that if you decide to get  surgery it can improve your looks, but if you are not cautious about it, you can end up like Park Bom. The first and most obvious plastic surgery she appears to receive is an excessive amount of face lifts. Her face looks so tight that it is to the point where it does like natural by any means. To make matters worse, judging by the before and after pictures, she is getting more frequently.

The second glaringly obvious job is her chin job. Take a close look at some of Park Bom’s old pictures, her chin was symmetrical and decent looking. Now it appears to be cocked to one side, whether this was intentional or not is unknown. It appears that she is adding more to it as time goes on; her chin appears to be shifting slightly more to the side every time we see her.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Park Bom Plastic Surgery

The final thing she clearly has done to herself is Botox shots. Her skin appears stiff and full, as if there is no way for her to demonstrate emotions. Her face almost appears frozen at all times. The concern was great between her fans and critics alike. A fan even told her  that all of the plastic surgeries are destroying her natural beauty.

This does not seem like a debate anymore, something is clearing going on with her and excessive amounts of plastic surgery. It is leading people to wonder if maybe people can become addicted to plastic surgeries. The same thing applies to plastic surgeries as everything else if it is something you like to do; moderation is the key to being happy and healthy.

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