Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Pete Burns is famous for going under the knife several times in his career. But not all of the plastic surgeries were successful. Earlier his face was ruined but in order to rectify the looks he did go in for other surgeries.

The pictures reveal that he had blotch implants on the lip after the surgery. His picture is not at all recognizable form the earlier one. All in all Peter Burns plastic surgery was a drastic makeover. Pete Burn’s face has become swollen after the surgery. To stay out of the camera’s eyes he was hiding himself but he was caught. But in an interview which was held recently he stated that he would not mind to go in for plastic surgery but mostly, if it does not hamper his looks rather to restore his looks. The results have been contrary on the other hand.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

The blotched implants on the lips gave him many scars which could not be rectified by any doctor so he went in for surgery which made his looks alter. His treatment of the damage done to his face still goes on his lip and jaw. So it is not the good looks that he is blessed with but maintenance is the only solution left for him. The trauma was such that it affected his lifestyle- he could not go out, could not eat properly and was in distress. Dr Maurizio Viel had amputated his face according to Pete Burns. Pete Burns does not shy away from giving interview and he has been honest with his plastic surgery trial. It is clearly a case of disastrous makeover which has to be properly maintained in order to survive in the industry among other celebrities and media.

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