Plastic Surgery and Body Dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphia Disorder is a very bizarre and rare condition that has a slew of effects on the person with the illness. It is considered as a mental disorder under the classification of obsessive compulsive. Essentially the way it works is when someone is suffering from Body Dysmorphia they see a distorted version of themselves that no one else sees. In some cases there might actually be a physical problem worth noting ( such as a slightly larger than average nose), but even in situations like this the person with the disorder often sees their flaw in an extremely exaggerated light. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of American, victims of this disorder think about their non-existent flaws for hours every single day.  It occurs in men and women equally, but the most common form is when someone sees themselves as being overweight when they are in fact  they weigh average or below average for someone their age, gender, and height.

At this point there is no permanent cure for this illness, just ways to help treat the symptoms and help ease the mind of the patient. Over the course of the past couple years some people have tried to say that plastic surgery makes the illness worse. There are a few reasons that some folks have made this claim, but the real question is, are they right in this assumption? Perhaps there are actually benefits to plastic surgery when it comes to people suffering from the effects of Body Dysmorphia. In order to understand what is actually going on here you have to closely examine both sides of the argument.

The Case Against Plastic Surgery – And Why It is Wrong

One of the most common things you hear people say is that this person does not have a grip on the reality in terms of what their body actually looks like. The logic behind it is that if a person is unable to see their body as it actually is – as opposed to what they think they see – they are not fit to make life changing decisions such as getting cosmetic surgery.

This particular idea almost makes sense, until you release that the surgeon has to be willing to do the surgery. If someone comes in with a distorted sense of how they appear, no plastic surgeon worth his or her name is going to go through with the procedure. As a matter of fact, this only goes to show that the regulation of plastic surgery and the idea of a certified plastic surgeon office means that people are safer. If a plastic surgeon is uncomfortable doing any kind of work on a patient due to concerns over their mental well-being they can refuse service until proper documentation is brought in showing that there is no underlying issue such as Body Dysmorphia Disorder

Body Dysmorphia and Plastic Surgery

Body Dysmorphia and Plastic Surgery

Another common concern that plastic surgery skeptics have is whether having the procedures readily available is distorting people’s view on what they physically look like. The argument is that plastic surgeons make people look unrealistically beautiful, and this brings everyone else’s self-esteem down when they realize that they cannot look that good without getting procedures done to their face and body.  They say that this lack of self-esteem is the underlying cause of some mental illnesses that involve distortion of one’s body.

It is hard to buy this argument for one very important reason. It is hard to tell whether someone’s sense of physical beauty can be distorted by cosmetic surgery. Someone could say that their next door neighbor is unnaturally beautiful, even if it is her natural face and body, and that her beauty ruins their self-esteem. The blame game can be placed virtually everywhere including makeup, Photoshop, and spray on tan solution. When it comes down to it the very idea of beauty is subjective. You simply cannot argue that this one thing in particular is worse for people with mental illnesses that cause self-esteem issues when there are so many other factors that play into it.

How to Handle Body Dysmorphia

If you are someone you know suffers from this issue it needs to be addressed so that you can life both happy and healthy. You should speak to specialists and make sure you have a full understanding of what is actually going on inside your head, and how these feelings can be addressed. Once you get a handle on it, plastic surgery can actually help you depending on your situation. You just need to make sure that you are physically and mentally stable enough to go through with your choice of procedure, along with the referral from an expert in the mental illness field.