Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Nose and Lip Job

In the midst of uncomfortably ‘regular’ celebrity Plastic Surgery flops, Priyanka Chopra is a relief. When she shot to fame with the Miss World title in the millennium, her nose seemed too big on an otherwise perfectly pretty face. A lot has changed over these 13 years and Piggy chops has taken over the world with here glamour and style. Recently, setting foot into musical experiments, the diva is all set to spread her charm across the world as a pop singer now.

Did Priyanka Chopra had Plastic Surgery ?

Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery Priyanka Chopra Before and After photo

Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery photo

So what changed on her face in a decade? Prominently, her nose and then maybe there was a lip surgery too. The narrower nose is definitely a winner, balancing out her big dark Indian eyes. The little job on the lips helps too. There are also rumors about a breast augmentation – but no one is really sure about this. Chopra seems to chosen her Plastic surgeon well. The best part is that she did just what she need to do and did not go overboard with it. For a celebrity who banks on her beauty along with her acting skills, going under the knife for just a couple of times is no big crime. After all it turned out to be good!

Priyanka is known to have declared that she is not against plastic surgery, though she refused having undergone any procedures. However, she did say that she might consider having those procedures in the future if it could boost her confidence, but not for fulfilling any obsessions. Good one Priyanka, we do hope you keep your word and hire the same surgeon who managed to ‘enhance’ your beauty without much damage earlier.

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