Raica Oliveira Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Racica Oliveira is a famous model from Brazil who has managed to work with every big name modeling company around the world. Some of her most famous clients include Dolce and Gabbana, Victoria’s Secret, and Vogue. She is loved by everyone in the modeling industry for her strong personality and absolutely stunning looks. When you see her modeling you will understand why she is so popular in the industry. While much of her beauty would appear to be natural, it would also seem that she had some help from a plastic surgeon to really make her look stand out. The before and after photos show subtle changes that prove she had plastic surgery work done.

Raica Oliveira plastic surgery before and after photos

Raica Oliveira plastic surgery

The first sign that Racica had plastic surgery is in her cheeks. You can see that she had some frown lines and wrinkles in the before photo, in the after they are all but gone. It is likely that she had some form of Botox filler put in to keep her skin looking tight and young. You would never guess by looking at her photos but she is actually 31 years old. Many people use Botox filler as a way to keep a youthful look even if they are past their 20s and Racica is no exception.

It also would appear that she had a brow lift. The reason this sticks out is because you can see how different her eyebrows and forehead look in the after picture. Many models and celebrities get a brow lift if they think that they are starting to get age marks, or if they are just unhappy with the natural appearance of those areas. It is questionable about why she decided to get this procedure done, put pictures do not lie. It honestly does not matter how much or how little work she had done, she is bound to be modeling for quite a few years because of her beauty.