Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Albeit plastic surgeries are the besties of female celebs yet many today many male celebs too prefer to go under the knife to maintain their youthful charm. One among the most popular of male stars who have opted for cosmetic programs is Ray Liotta. It is claimed that Liotta has taken to not one but in fact multiple plastic procedures over the past few years.

Has Ray Liotta Had Plastic Surgery?

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

First of all, Liotta seems to have taken to a face lift procedure. The dapper American actor is 59 now & while approaching 60 men are usual to develop different aging signs like frail faces, bulging eyelid or eye bags. But if look at the recent pictures of Ray you would be surprised to see him in a perfectly youthful look, sans any aging sign. It’s definitely unnatural at his age and is only possible with the help of a facelift procedure. His face has attained an unnaturally tightened look which has somewhat rendered a lifeless & frozen appearance.

Then, the American star also seems to have taken to Botox injections. The Botox injections work to smoothen the skin & free it from wrinkles. If you look at Liotta you will be surprised to see him with a completely smooth skin, devoid of the usual stress lines & wrinkles. However, it must be noted that Ray was not very smart in choosing his Botox specialist who seem to have gone overboard with the injection. The actor’s skin now looks overstretched with a very plastic-like feel all over his face.

Many celebs take to Juvederm fillers to plump up cheeks & lips. Ray seems to have opted for the fillers as well, especially on his cheek region to get rid of the laugh lines. But the sad part is that he took to an unskilled doctor who ended up with a spoilt artificial look for him.

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