Rene Higuta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Rene Higuta is a retired Columbian football player. He has a long career full of many interesting moves. He is a goaltender, but he often took the risk to leave the net to get the ball and even dribble. He is known for his hard kicks and lightning fast reflexes.  One of his other trademarks is his long curly hair, it made him easily recognizable and when you combine that with his skills it is easy to see why many football fans admired him. In his prime everyone thought that he was also a very handsome dude, it would seem that even now at 48 years old he still looks pretty darn handsome. Looking at the before and after photos made a lot of people wonder if he had cosmetic surgery or not to keep himself looking good, the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes.”

Rene Higuta plastic surgery before and after photos

Rene Higuta plastic surgery

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so when you look at the pictures above you can probably start to point out all of the things that have changed with Rene Higuta since he started playing the game. It is very clear that he has a chin job in order to straighten out his somewhat crooked chin. What probably happened is he was looking at himself and seen the age showing in his face so he decided to get a chin job to try to correct the problem.

When you get that kind of surgery a neck lift usually goes with it. You can see in the after photos his neck appears very tight, just like he had a neck lift. When you are getting close to 50 your skin starts to get weak and hangs a little bit, there is no sign of that in Rene Higuta, so the only rational explanation is that he had corrective surgery to fix his problem.