Richard Chamberlain Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Richard Chamberlain is a famous actor and singer from the United States. He has had many roles in his 80 years of living. He is known all over the world for his role in the movie The Bourne Identity. If you take the time to look at his before and after photos you can see that he does not look like he is 80 years old. He looks like he might be in his early to late 60’s, which is impressive.

It has always been a good question how Richard Chamberlain kept his youthful, good looks growing up. Surely there is more to it than genetics; it is also not very likely he found the fountain of youth. The easy explanation is that he had a couple of different plastic surgeries so that he could continue to look handsome past his 60th birthday.

Richard Chamberlain plastic surgery before and after

Richard Chamberlain plastic surgery

If you are looking at pictures of Richard Chamberlain, you can see that he likely had a chin job in the past. He always had a rugged looking chin, but as he aged on it seemed to get even more manly and protruding. He might have had a couple of chin jobs in order to keep that bulky, youthful chin, and it still looks great even at 80 years old.

Another surgery option would be Botox Shots. When you look at his face, you can see how high his cheeks set. When people get Botox injections, it fills in the spaces between the skin and the skull. The problem is as we age our skin loses elasticity and begins to sag. If you look at him not he has the wrinkles that come with age, but they are nowhere near as bad as they should be at his age. It is obvious that having cosmetic surgery has been an important part of his life, and the results were fantastic.

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