Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

While Rob Lowe was known for his charming looks, however the fact that a lot of people aren’t even aware about Rob Lowe can be catered to his bad acting career graph. Regardless of his bad acting, he has been much in the limelight, thanks to his overly taught appearance even at his age. Comparing his before and after pictures, it can be easily understood that he has definitely undergone some procedures to maintain his looks. Whenever any such rumors are raised, he has completely shunned them with a laugh; hence it doesn’t seem that Lowe is too keen to talk about his procedures.

Has Rob Lowe had plastic surgery?

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery

The first aspect of his appearance which has triggered a rumor is that, as compared to his peers, his appearance hasn’t changed much. A tad too lack of aging symptoms can only refer to one thing, plastic surgery. Although he has directly denied the rumor, nevertheless, given his appearance, few things just cannot be denied.

The most significant rumor about his appearance is the overdose of Botox injections, chin surgery and jaw surgery. Lowe is 46 at present, but his face is free from any wrinkles and signs of aging, which is a clear indication of Botox. His forehead is smooth as porcelain and his face doesn’t even show a dint of a wrinkle even when he smiles, which well is clearly unnatural.

Next, on the list is a rhinoplasty or a nose job, which has substantially changed the appearance of his nose. His old pictures showcase a nose which is a lot bigger, however post the rhinoplasty his new nose is much smaller, especially around the tip and the bridge. Lowe has been very particular about denying the surgeries, in a way which is a tad too convincing. Since the rumors can only be confirmed by him, hence, few things will always remain under cover.

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