Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Robert Redford is 77 years old, but looks every bit like a 50 something year old. Does this point out that Mr. Redford had undergone plastic surgery? Of course he has aged, but not as much as his 70 years – there isn’t just enough sagging skin and wrinkles those other old men proudly carry around. But then Robert Redford is no ordinary old man – he is a celebrity.

It is impossible to get his looks naturally at that age – this is the common opinion among those who watch out for celebrity plastic surgery signs. The probable suspects are a facelift, Botox, fillers and an eyelid surgery. Though his skin is not all that gleaming tight – it isn’t sagging either. This is definitely the work of a facelift. Botox has been used quite liberally to keep his wrinkles under control. This is especially true for his unnaturally smooth forehead. The cheeks also seem to have been given a youthful boost with some help from filler injections.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Robert Redford Before and After photo

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Photo

The eyelid surgery was possibly, according to some surgeons, attempted to eliminate that hooked look from his eyes. There is no doubt he’s had an eye-lift,’ said Dr Peter Geldner, assistant clinical professor at the University of Illinois, after studying pictures of Redford. ‘The upper lid has been reduced and much of the skin that was hooding the upper lid is gone. The lower lid has also been operated on.’ Looks like the surgery worked, because it has opened up his eyes.

Though the actor hasn’t admitted to any of these procedures, we would say it is a job well done. After all he got be presentable on the screen and a little help from the plastic surgeon does not hurt.

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