Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Rose McGowan, best known as Paige Mathews from WB series “Charmed” has sparked off plastic surgery rumors with her ‘changed’ appearance in “Law and Order: SUV”. If rumors are to be believed, Rose went under the knife in 2007 for reconstructive surgery after being injured in a car accident. Speculations revolve around facelifts, cheek and lip fillers, breast implants and more.

The 40 year old actress/singer is strongly suspected to have undergone an eyelid lift surgery, which was confirmed by her. But McGowan insists that the car accident was the only reason for her decision to go under the knife. Experts seem to think otherwise and suggest that there have been more surgery done on her facial features.

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Gone Bad Photo

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Rose McGowan Plastic surgery photo

A comparison of her before and after photographs is likely to reveal a possible Rhinoplasty too. Her nose does look a bit pinched at the tip. There have been ‘visible’ changes on her bust too, which can only be speculated as the work of implants. There have been arguments that her good looks could be credited to health and exercise. But it has been also reported that the changes in Rose’s features have appeared in a very short time.

Watch Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before After Video

Now that Miss McGowan is at 40 years of age, the facelift is quiet normal for a celebrity like her. This could be one of the reasons for her smooth wrinkle-less skin. Botox injections could also be giving a helping hand at keeping the age at bay.

Apart from the fillers on her cheeks and lips, everything else seems to have worked well for Rose McGowan. The lips got pumped up a bit too much which resulted in the fake smile plastered on her face. Fans are only hoping that Rose does not get any weirder and stay off those filler injections.

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