Shelley Golden Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Shelley Golden is a world famous model and actress who is starting to make a big name for herself in just a few short years. She is undeniably one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but she didn’t always look that way. When you look at her before and after photos you can certainly see that she had plastic surgery done in key areas to be more successful- and it worked. Cosmetic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular trend, so it is no wonder that she wanted to change things up a little bit. Once you look at the photos there is two surgeries in particular that will stick out.

Shelley Golden plastic surgery before and after photos

Shelley Golden plastic surgery

The first, and most obvious surgery, is her boob job. You can tell that she went up at least two cups from her last size. It may have had something to do with her modeling career, or maybe she was just unhappy with the current size of her breasts. They look much bigger now, and considering getting a boob job is a lot more common than it was years ago it is no surprise that she went with this procedure. While they might look great they could cause her some back problems in the future!

Her second surgery is clear if you look at her cheeks. She had some kind of Botox filler put in her cheeks to get rid of her wrinkles and fine lines. You can tell that she had Botox filler just by looking at how shiny and full her cheeks are. Granted makeup can help with stuff like that, but at the same time there is definitely more to it than that. Regardless of what kind of surgeries she had she still looks great. Her modeling career might be just starting, but she is going to go places with such an attractive figure.