Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Smokey Robinson is one of those handful of male celebs who seems to have undergone plastic surgery. The septuagenarian star is peculated to have gone under the knife not once but multiple times. Smokey Robinson Plastic surgery was under speculations as it was kept secret for along time. The post here explores the various cosmetic surgeries taken up by the celebrity.

Has Smokey Robinson had a Plastic Surgery?

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery

First of all, Robinson seems to have opted for a facelift procedure. An aging man is sure to develop wrinkles, sagging skin as well as dominant stress and laugh lines. But even after crossing 70, Smokey’s face looks completely wrinkle free and tight akin to a young guy in his 20s. Now, such a youthful appearance at this senior age is definitely not viable naturally and hence it won’t be wrong to assume that the star has certainly consulted a facelift surgeon as facelift procedures are meant to tighten and smoothen the facial skin.

Then the star is also speculated to have taken to a browlift surgery which is usually a sister cosmetic procedure of facelift. As a person ages, the brows tend to droop down on eyes & look resigned. Smokey is old enough to have drooping brows but if you look at his latest appearances you would be astonished to find such firmly placed brows- that is completely unnatural for a person of his age. Thus it can be safely assumed that the celebrity has most possibly gone for a browlift surgery. But it must be noted that his browlift surgeon overdid the tightening part and the brows look so pulled up that his entire face seems marred with a plastic unwanted unnatural look.

Besides, Smokey has also gone for eyelid surgery. A person in his 70s is most likely to develop eyebags but Smokey’s eye zone is devoid of any such aging signs – and his eyes look more open now. It is not possible without a cosmetic help.

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