Sofia Hayat Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

It’s not just Hollywood that is hooked to plastic surgeries but the Bollywood beauties too seem to trust the cosmetic works a great deal today. One of the latest to join the line of Bolly beauties is surely Sofia Hayat. The Big Boss 7 contestant seems to have taken to a number of plastic surgery procedures.

Sofia Hayat Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Pictures

Sofia Hayat Plastic Surgery

First of all, Hayat seems to have taken to a breast augmentation procedure. If you compare her previous pictures with that of the current ones- you will find the earlier Sofia with a comparatively smaller bosom than she has now. Today the UK-born Indian model looks much fuller with better rounded curves which are impossible without plastic surgery.

Then, Hayat is also speculated to have taken to Botox injections. Though Botox are mainly favored by older women to hide the evident aging signs yet younger women too increasingly take to Botox these days- to prevent the aging hints. Sofia’s face looks unnaturally smooth and stiff that clearly point towards Botox applications. However, it seems that Hayat has gone overboard with her Botox applications and her face looks really artificial today. According to many, Hayat looked much better before and has been ill-advised by her cosmetic surgeon.

Then, Sofia, it appears, to have taken to facelift surgery as well. Her cheeks look more extended now than those were before. Again, it should be noted that Hayat’s earlier cheeks were much better than what she flaunts now.

Besides, Sofia Hayat has opted for a nose job as well. She already had a well defined nose but her rhinoplasty act has made her nose appear unnaturally sharper which is looking really odd on her face.  The UK-born model star has also sought for a lip job to assure fuller lips.

Now, it’s true that Hayat has always denied any speculation on plastic surgery but her recently changed facial and body features claim otherwise.

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