Soo-young Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic

Think of celebrity plastic surgery and you can’t miss Korean stars on your list. Think Korean Girl bands and you cannot do without SNSD. According to popular media, every SNSD star has had plastic surgery – not a surprise! So, it’s only natural that Soo-Young, one of the most popular among them, should have gone under the knife.

Did Soo Young Had Nose Job ?

Choi Soo-Young is a Korean, singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, model, rapper, television presenter and MC. Before Girl’s Generation, popularly known as SNSD, Soo was a member of the Korean-Japanese duo group, Route θ. South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation was formed by S. M. Entertainment in 2007. Soo started getting noticed via the 2000 SM Open Audition. She then auditioned for the 2002 Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition and won first place – this marked her debut in Japanese music.

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Soo Young played a part in the 2007 KBS 2TV sitcom Unstoppable Marriage and co-starred with Lee Yeon-hee and Kangin on the romantic comedy film Hello, Schoolgirl. She was also cast in several other mini-series an TV dramas. Soo Young debuted as a lyricist with the song “How Great Is Your Love“, from Girls’ Generation’s third album, The Boys. She has also MCed and modeled several times. She is also currently in a relationship with actor Jung Kyung-ho.

soo young before and after photo

Soo Young before and after plastic surgery

Soo Young plastic surgery rumors and news are specifically about procedures on her nose and jawline. There has been a lot of discussions going on at online forums about this. However, the responses are majorly positive; especially regarding the rhinoplasty. The nose job has thoroughly reshaped her wide and bulbous nose to bring more balance to her pretty face. She might have also had re-shaping surgery on her jaw to get an oval shaped face.

What do you think – Is Soo Young prettier now than before?

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