Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Sophie Monk is one celebrity who has admitted to have undergone plastic surgery and also to have regretted it. The 33 year old singer who dated a plastic surgeon once, has gone under the knife for several procedures on her body and face. Some of them have been a boon to this celebrity, but mostly it has caused only trouble for her looks.

Has Sophie Monk had Plastic Surgery ?

There have been rumors about Sophie’s decision to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures in order to keep up with the glam industry demands. She has undergone a nose job, Botox treatments, lip augmentation and breast shaping surgeries.

Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery Sophie Monk Before and After photo

Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery Photo

Sophie mostly dreads her decision to undergo Botox and Lip augmentation procedures. These too procedures resulted in unnatural features. While the Botox made her face frozen, the lip augmentation left her with swollen lips.

The Rhinoplasty seems to have helped remove the little bump on her nose, but made her look more plastic. The narrow nose coupled with her swollen lips has changed her face altogether. She has also undergone procedures to make her breasts larger and rounder. It is also said that she was actually happy with her natural looks until she started dating the plastic surgeon.

However, the obsession has ended up with unfavorable results and we are not surprised that Sophie isn’t happy about her looks. Hopefully she will leave it at that and not try to recover her lost beauty.

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