Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Stacy Keibler who is blessed with natural gorgeous look might have gone in for plastic surgery as her fans and critics have pointed out some changes on her face. It is hard to believe that she did go in for plastic surgery.

Has Stacy Keibler Had Plastic Surgery?

Stacy Keibler Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery that she go in for is supposedly for enhancements to her looks. Apparently it is her shape of the nose that is doing all the talking. Earlier her nose was bulbous and round but after the surgery it has become little lean. Hence a nose surgery is the obvious parameter. The nose surgery had been done keeping in mind regarding the correction of her nose and also for enhancing the nose. The new modification goes in well with her face. Other than her nose a little fillers and Botox injection is what might have also done by her apart from the laser treatment. Her surgical procedures give her a neat look with well defined lines and tight skin.

The news of her nose surgery revolves around the fact that during her wrestling days she did suffer due to breaking of the nose and other nose injuries. She confirms that she needed some adjustment on her nose. Some critics have also remarked that a jaw surgery is also prominent as she might have also suffered injuries on her jaw for which repair work had to be done. Nevertheless, her body is the same as before and she has maintained it well. Her stories of surgeries seem to be true and it has been a successful piece of work so far as you can see from her before and after pictures. Certainly, improvement has been felt on her face which has been evident by comparing her pictures of the wrestling days and the current ones.

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