Stana Katic Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Some celebrities openly state about their plastic surgery whereas some keep mum. It is upon choice or they want to hide about the surgery is not known. When it comes to Stana Katic she also keeps mum regarding the plastic surgery for reasons best known to her.

Stana Katic nose job before and after

It is her nose job procedure that has altered her shape of the nose and has become the area of speculation. Though she has never confirmed the news but her before and after pictures reveal it all. Dr. Peter Wenkwitz believes that she has gone in for nose job procedure. Her nose used to be wide earlier but after some years her nose size changed drastically. Now her nose looks narrow, lean and good. The new nose suits her and it looks in sync with her personality so there is no need for to her deny about her plastic surgery over the nose. Her fans believe that her nose shape has refined her looks.

It is to enhance the physical appearance that some amount of cosmetic enhancement is also done on the face to improvise. So it might be that she must have had good cosmetic make up. None but her nose is the part of her face which has become popular. The cheekbones and eyes are already very beautiful but it is her nose that making a mark. So such well defined nose is not possible only because of a nose procedure. Other surgical procedures have been done on for face which has given a sleek look to her nose. All in all her surgery has been very successful though a slight trace of Botox is also felt to have been injected on her face but nothing has been confirmed by her so it might not have been injected.

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