Stepfanie Kramer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Famous American actress and star of the hit TV show The Secret Circle, Stepfanie Kramer is unbelievably 58 years old. How does Kramer still look like a woman in her early 30’s? Well, it appears to be a combination of natural great looks and a little bit of plastic surgery. There is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery; it has the potential to make you feel good about yourself, and let’s face it with looks like Kramers how could you not feel beautiful?

It is pretty obvious that she opted to get some form of eye lift. It is obvious by looking at the shape of her eyes, and the wrinkles that should be, but are not, there on her face. Eye lift surgery can clear your eye area and bring back that youthful, healthy glow to your eyes. If she went with an eye lift, she picked a great surgeon. It looks good and natural; however, you can tell that a woman pushing 60 should not be that beautiful.

Stepfanie Kramer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Stepfanie Kramer Plastic Surgery

Another plastic surgery that that actress seems to have received is a cheek augmentation. If you take a gander at her before and after pictures, it is clear that her cheeks are lifting throughout the years instead of sagging. This is the complete opposite of what is supposed to happen, but no one is complaining. When you take her smoking good looks into account how could you complain?

A neck lift also seems like a legitimate surgery that she may have had done throughout the years.  If you carefully look at some before and after photos you can see that in recent years her neck is tight and looks great just like the rest of her. When people typically age their neck skin begins to sag and hang low from the rest of the face. It appears whoever did her neck lift was a professional, she looks stunning even though she is in her late 50’s, and will continue to look good!

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