Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

While plastic surgery continues to be the domain of the female stars mostly there are some male performers who have been equally passionate about cosmetic works. One among them is Steven Tyler– the front man of famous rock band Aerosmith & dad of starlet Liv Tyler. It is said that Papa Tyler has taken to several plastic procedures to retain his youthful glamour.

Has Steven Tyler Had Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler Plastic surgery

First of all, it seems that Steven Tyler opted for Botox injections and facial fillers. The man was born in 1948 and even at 66 years of age he has not developed any dominant signs of aging which are normal in men of his age. You will be really surprised to see him all smooth and tight on the face. Now, this absence of wrinkles or sagging skin on the face at this mature age is only viable with cosmetic help. Thus, as per the plastic surgeons, the Aerosmith lead has got Botox injections on his forehead which has given him not only a tight skin but unnaturally stiff pair of eyebrows that again signify Botox inclusion.

Besides, if you look at the previous pictures of Steven, you will find the man as a rough-looking fellow with a hollow feel under eyes. But a glance at the latest pictures of the rockstar will show that the hollow look under eyes is surprisingly gone. It definitely cannot be a natural occurrence and only points to cosmetic assistance. As per leading plastic surgeons, Tyler had either Radiesse or Perlane injected into cheeks that has smoothened out that hollow feel beneath the eyes.
Besides, it is said that the singer has even taken to facelift surgery & a rhinoplasty. His overall face looks really tight with no sagging skin which is not possible without a skilled facelift work. Moreover, the sharper nasal area in his latest snaps also proves a nose job on the earlier comparatively flatter & wider nose.

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