Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Hollywood celebrities are famous for their plastic surgeries as turn to age and some of them come up with really stunning results. One of the leading stars who have been very smart with cosmetic works is Stockard Channing. The post explores some of the plastic procedures taken by her.

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First of all, the lady has taken to an eyelift surgery. Eyes tend to wane once you start to age but Channing’s sharp eyes even after 50 years definitely assures some cosmetic work. Her eye area is devoid of the unsightly eyebags that are otherwise pretty normal in any woman of her age. Her eyes look as brighter and as sharper as any 30 year old beauty.

Breast implant is another popular plastic surgery common among the female celebrities and Stockard Channing seems to have opted for it as well. If you go through her previous photos you will find her with relatively flat breasts but a glance at the latest snaps will reveal a much bustier portfolio. Enhancement in cup size is not possible naturally especially when someone is aging and is only viable with a breast lift or augmentation procedure. The good news is that Channing’s cosmetic surgeon hasn’t gone overboard with the augmentation work and the lifted bust looks actually gorgeous on her.

Aging signs mostly affect the face resulting in wrinkles, laugh lines, unsightly spots and sagging skin. But even at her 50s, Stockard looks enviously fresh and firm. Such a fresh appearance is never possible naturally, regardless of a healthy lifestyle. The most possible conclusion is that Channing has taken to Botox treatment to sharpen up her countenance. Her face looks tight, smooth & completely wrinkle free.

Besides, Stockard Channing has also taken to a lip augmentation procedure which has resulted in better fuller lips that was not seen before.

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