Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before And After

Albeit, plastic surgeries are not uncommon in Hollywood yet there are only a handful of stars who admit of going under the knife. Susan Sarandon is quite an exception here as the 65+ beauty has publicly declared of taking to cosmetic surgeons a number of times. Here is a brief on the different plastic procedures undertaken by the famous Thelma & Louise star.

Has Susan Sarandon had Plastic Surgery?

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery before after

First of all, Susan has admitted of going through a bust lift procedure. Her boobs still look taut and glamorous without any hint of sagging even after her 65+ age. Defining herself as a big fan of plastic surgery, Sarandon has opined that the bust lift was needed to retain her youthful portfolio even at a mature age. It seems that Susan chose a very skilled plastic surgeon for her boob job as now she looks as beautiful as ever with her gorgeous age-untouched portfolio.

Then, Louise has also declared to take to liposuction procedures. The star has opted for liposuction procedure to eliminate fat from her chin the under the eyes. Sagging chin and eyes are two of the most menacing signs of aging and Susan seems to have really successful in getting rid of those unsightly aspects. Today, even when she is at the wrong side of 60, the star does not look a bit older than her Thelma & Louise days. Here too, she seems to have consulted very seasoned plastic surgeons.

However, the star has claimed of never taking to Botox or filler injections. But her smooth wrinkle-free countenance even at this mature age speaks otherwise. No matter how much routine life you follow you can never avoid wrinkles as you age. Thus, Sarandon’s oh-so-glowing face surely testifies to the use of dermal fillers or Botox applications on her face- regardless of how many times she denies it.

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