Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Three’s Company star Suzanne Somers has reportedly gone under the knife for several plastic surgery procedures. The 67 year old American actress, singer and business woman has also authored several self help books including Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones.

She has been criticized for many of her medical views on several occasions including alternative cancer treatments. Maybe the plastic surgery incidents were part of her experiments. However, they seem to have worked at keeping her young at least – Congrats Suzanne! Mission accomplished.

Suzanne somers before and after photos

Suzanne Somers before and after plastic surgery photos

The primary suspect is Botox – just take a look at that wrinkle-free smooth 60 year old facial skin and you have the proof. Oh no, that is not a gift from Mother Nature, but definitely the work of a skilled plastic surgeon. Some are of the opinion that Suzanne Somers ruined her face and messed up with her natural beauty. Me thinks – hmmm, it’s alright, considering much worse celeb plastic surgery disasters. Somers is past that age where she can keep her face glowing naturally. It’s only natural that she takes some help from the artificial. It has had its bad effects too though – a frozen face with non-functioning muscles.

What went wrong has to be the lip implants – there is a little too much going on there. We suspect Restalayne – a dermal filler used for lip augmentation procedures. The facelifts and Botox are understandable. But why the flabby Muppet lips, Somers?

You got any idea, why Suzanne went for plumper lips?

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