Anna Gunn Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Anna Gunn, also known as Skyler White from Breaking Bad is a beautiful actress. There are rumors that she received multiple plastic surgeries between the seasons 2 and 4 of the hit TV show. The first alleged Anna Gunn Plastic surgery that was noticed was a nose job between season 2 and 3. It appears […]

John Kerry Facelift Before And After Photos

Plastic surgeries are not uncommon for the movie actors but do you know that the celebrity politicians too go under the cosmetic knife these days. Yes, and male politicians too! One of the most esteemed political personnel of contemporary world politics to have taken to plastic surgery is US Secretary of State John Kerry. Rumor […]

Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rachel Zoe is sporting a fresh new face nowadays – one that is too smooth to be hers at the age of 42. A wrinkle free tight face is hard to be considered all natural, especially, when the celebrity in question has been photographed earlier with sagging wrinkly aged skin. Its like a magic transformation, […]

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you are famous and in the show-biz, you are bound to attract some controversy or other at some point of time in your career. Looks like Gwen Stefani has joined the league with a plastic surgery rumor. A ┬ánose job is what brought her under our watch-list and going by the before and after […]