Katie Couric Face Lift Before And After Photos

It’s true that plastic surgeries are mostly regular with the film stars but many do not know that media celebrities like journalists & talk show hosts take to cosmetic help as well. One of them is the star American journalist Katie Couric. Her astonishingly youthful appearance even after crossing 50 has led to huge speculations […]

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Valerie Harper is 74 years of age though she does not look like her age. In fact she looks much younger. It is this peculiar feature that is making her fans wonder. Her body also looks much maintained than before. There are some speculations which are making people doubt about her changed features. Has Valerie […]

Jeanine Pirro Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Plastic surgery of Jeanine Pirro is still under speculation as it is not clearly meted out whether she had any plastic surgery or not. It is only through her before and after pictures that you can find out about the traces of procedure that she might have gone in for. Has Jeanine Pirro had Plastic […]

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

With plastic surgery the elder man or woman can get back the young look if the surgery is done successfully. Billy Crystal is 65 years of age has gone in for many cosmetic procedures which are visible from his before and after pictures. Has Billy Crystal had Plastic Surgery? His forehead is devoid of wrinkles […]