Sarah Oliver Brazilian Butt Lift Photo : See it Here!

Sarah Oliver is the drama queen everyone loves to hate. You might know her from the Oxygen TV show Bad Girls Club. She is also going to making an appearance on the show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars cast with her husband Ink, which airs on WETV on December 4. Finally, you might know Sarah […]

Types of Butt Implants

Butt implants – if you would have suggested just 15 years ago that people would be getting implants for their butt regularly, as in 1,863 procedures in the year 2014 alone, most would have called you crazy. Not only have these types of implants grown in popularity like a wild fire, but there is also […]

Thigh Lift – Factors To Figure Out The Cost

Getting a thigh lift might seem unusual, until you consider that about 9,129 people had the procedure in 2014 alone!  Not so long ago you would be hard pressed to find a surgeon that would take on such a procedure. Now due to the increase of celebrity’s getting all kinds of cosmetic surgeries the thigh lift […]

Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery Photos

Plastic surgery is the most common measure today to restore the youthful beauty as one reaches the middle age. The gossip pages and Page 3 columns are packed with reports and pictures of celebs’ before & after plastic surgery reports every day. Now, although plastic surgery is mostly taken by older and middle aged stars […]