Claudia Lynx Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Claudia Lynx is a model who was born in Iran. Her gorgeous looks have scored her photos in many magazines and websites. She has also done a number of individual photo shoots for people around the world. It does not come as a surprise that everyone loves her modelling; her photos speak volumes for her […]

Stepfanie Kramer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Famous American actress and star of the hit TV show The Secret Circle, Stepfanie Kramer is unbelievably 58 years old. How does Kramer still look like a woman in her early 30’s? Well, it appears to be a combination of natural great looks and a little bit of plastic surgery. There is nothing wrong with […]

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Before And After Photos

Meg Ryan just entered her 50s on November 19, and given her before and after pictures, it seems that the actress has had her fair share of visits under the blade. Now, on one side there are examples of plastic surgery gone wrong, and then there is Meg Ryan, a walking example of plastic surgery disaster. […]

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Nicki Minaj’s Plastic Surgery experiments are hot news among her fans as well as celebrity gossip mongers. The ‘Starships’ singer has come a long way from her debut in the music industry. We have seen her changing appearance in her clothes and make-up she chooses for her music videos and public appearances. Now, if that […]