Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Of late Mary Tyler Moore is roaming around with a face, so swollen, that it looks almost unrecognizable. This change in her appearance has triggered rumors pertaining to her going under the blade multiple times. The first on the list is definitely a facelift, since her face looks a little too polished given her age. […]

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

In her forties, it is difficult if not impossible to convince people of her age. Looking fabulous at 40, McCarthy looks young and radiant in her latest pictures. Courtesy the advancement in plastic surgery, looking as amazing as her at 40 seems a tad too normal of late. Born in 1972, the model turned actress […]

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

On one hand there are plastic surgery junkies and then there is Sandra Bullock on another side. Back in the year 2012, she was even compared to Michael Jackson courtesy the number of surgeries she has opted for. Comparing her before and after pictures it is not difficult to detect that she has undergone numerous […]

Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Tameka Cottle plastic surgery has always been a hot topic of discussion for internet’s celebrity gossipers. And yes, the woman is one of those celebrities who is addicted to bad plastic surgery. She is consistent in keeping up her “weird” looks up-to-date. Recently, she was quizzed on the Wendy Williams Show about this topic and […]