Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before and After

73 going on 37 – that’s what you’ll say when you see 60’s raging sex symbol, Raquel Welch. Although, she has repeatedly said that she hasn’t used any plastic surgery, it’s hard to ignore such fresh face on a woman who is barely 30 years short of having lived for a century. Raquel Welch is […]

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is impossible for anyone with a celebrity ticket to stay away from rumors – especially plastic surgery rumors. Be it young, middle aged or old – you are bound to face some plastic surgery enquiry at some point of your career. For 49 year old Mary Louise Parker, the rumours were sparked off by […]

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After

Everyone in celebrity kingdom should find out who Susan Lucci’s plastic surgeon is? With such results, we are guessing he or she is a genius. Susan Lucci seems to have hit the jackpot with plastic surgery to erase any sign of age from her body. And she’s got a bonus too: Brand new firm large […]

Axl Rose Plastic Surgey Before and After Photo

Guns’n’Roses rocker Axl Rose, has either aged weirdly or has got a bad plastic surgery job done. He had it all – the fans, the fame and the face. And then he decided to disappear from the entertainment industry for a while and came back with a brand new face – which most of his […]