Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery in no uncommon in Hollywood for the matured stars, no matter how much they deny it publicly. It’s the constant abnormal pressure to stay youthful  forever which pushes the leading ladies to go under the knife. Rene Russo is one such actress who seems to have embraced the plastic help, not once but […]

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Chelsea Clinton is one of the finest examples of great plastic surgeries. Bill Clinton’s daughter was not exactly beautiful earlier but she came up just like a beauty out of a fairy tale book, just before her wedding. As per the market reports, the star news correspondent has taken to a number of plastic surgeries […]

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

While Rob Lowe was known for his charming looks, however the fact that a lot of people aren’t even aware about Rob Lowe can be catered to his bad acting career graph. Regardless of his bad acting, he has been much in the limelight, thanks to his overly taught appearance even at his age. Comparing […]

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before And After

Surprising are the steps ageing celebs undertake to look at their youthful best. The pressure of looking youthful seems a tad too much to handle for a number of celebrities who end up looking like a different person altogether post a long series of surgeries. Kim Novak is one such example of plastic surgery, gone […]