Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Of late Mary Tyler Moore is roaming around with a face, so swollen, that it looks almost unrecognizable. This change in her appearance has triggered rumors pertaining to her going under the blade multiple times. The first on the list is definitely a facelift, since her face looks a little too polished given her age. […]

Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery Before and After

Like most other 50+ year old Hollywood celebrities, Elizabeth McGovern came under the attack of plastic surgery rumors owing to her suspicious youthful appearance. She had done all the common anti-ageing plastic surgery procedures and it is quite easily visible on her face. Elizebeth McGover is a 52 year old American film, television and theatre […]

Tony Sheldon Spent $100,000 to Look alike Justin Beiber

Believe it or not – it’s the latest trend fast catching up with the celebrity fanatics. There are enough crazy people in the world to pay big bucks to look like her favorite celebrity – says plastic surgery experts and researchers. New York Post recently ran an in-depth report on the upcoming but bizarre trend. […]