Cho Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Unlike Hollywood celebrities, it is hard to pick out plastic surgery changes in Korean celebrities. The country is well known for its expertise and love for plastic surgery. The addiction is up to a level where gender and age is not a restriction for going under the knife. One of the most recognizable celebrity plastic […]

Uee Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic Showing Eyelid Surgery

Most Koreans have narrow eyes and it is very common in South Korea to go under the knife for a double eyelid surgery. This is precisely why Uee’s name has appeared on our list of celebrity plastic surgeries. Uee seems to have undergone plastic surgery to get those large beautiful eyes that make her look […]

Yoon Eun Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Korean celebrities can easily be dubbed plastic surgery ambassadors. The love for cosmetic surgery among these stars has risen to a level where it has become difficult to pick a Korean celebrity who hasn’t undergone plastic surgery procedures. The difference is easily visible from most of their before and after photos. The craze for double […]

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos, Pics

Like Virgin singer, Madonna has been under scrutiny for involvement with plastic surgery in the recent years. Despire crossing the 50 mark in age, her face remains 20 years younger than that. However, her wrinkled hands are a clear give-away to her aging body. The 55 year old American singer/song-writer, actress and philanthropist is one […]