Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Albeit plastic surgeries are no secret in Hollywood today yet most of the stars prefer to play coy here. However, their denial cannot suppress the increasingly speculations about their unnaturally youthful aura even after being at the wrong side of 50. Lynda Carter is one such star who has always been mum about any cosmetic […]

Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries are undoubtedly usual in Hollywood where the beauties are always under this unnatural expectation to stay gorgeous forever. Interestingly, as much as the cosmetic procedures are normal here, so is the denial of plastic surgery claims by most of the starlets. Felicity Kendal is one of those Holly beauties who have always declined […]

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries have long been regular with women celebs but not many know that male stars too have been under the knife a number of times. One of them is Rick Springfield who admitted of taking to plastic surgery even before he crossed 25 to strengthen his youthful charm among the fans. Over the years, […]

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Smokey Robinson is one of those handful of male celebs who seems to have undergone plastic surgery. The septuagenarian star is peculated to have gone under the knife not once but multiple times. Smokey Robinson Plastic surgery was under speculations as it was kept secret for along time. The post here explores the various cosmetic […]