Monica Culpepper Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Survivor star and wife of NFL player Brad Culpepper, Monica Culpepper looks as gorgeous as ever in her recent photographs. The diva is now in her forties, however going by her recent pictures she looks extremely well in shape, and her skin looks as flawless as it can get. Although Monica is known to be […]

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before And After

Albeit, plastic surgeries are not uncommon in Hollywood yet there are only a handful of stars who admit of going under the knife. Susan Sarandon is quite an exception here as the 65+ beauty has publicly declared of taking to cosmetic surgeons a number of times. Here is a brief on the different plastic procedures […]

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

At the age of 56, it seems that Katir Courie has discovered the fountain of youth. This newsgal turned anchor looks as perky as ever given her age. However the media pundits are of the idea that she has definitely gone under the knife to per her features up. Dr. Brian Glatt, a  well known […]

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Without any doubts, Julie Chen plastic surgery rumors are true – confessed by the star herself at a talk show. Julie says that workplace racism led her to undergo plastic surgery to look less Asian. She admits to have had eyelid surgery to open up her eyes and look less oriental. But denies having any […]