Bruce Jenner Face Uplift Before And After Photos

A nip here and tuck there has been really common with Hollywood damsels today, young and old alike. But do you know that male celebs too have joined up the line steadily and a great lot of male superstars are taking to cosmetic consultation. Among the male stars taking to plastic surgery, one of the […]

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Smokey Robinson is one of those handful of male celebs who seems to have undergone plastic surgery. The septuagenarian star is peculated to have gone under the knife not once but multiple times. Smokey Robinson Plastic surgery was under speculations as it was kept secret for along time. The post here explores the various cosmetic […]

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Valerie Harper is 74 years of age though she does not look like her age. In fact she looks much younger. It is this peculiar feature that is making her fans wonder. Her body also looks much maintained than before. There are some speculations which are making people doubt about her changed features. Has Valerie […]

Jeanine Pirro Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Plastic surgery of Jeanine Pirro is still under speculation as it is not clearly meted out whether she had any plastic surgery or not. It is only through her before and after pictures that you can find out about the traces of procedure that she might have gone in for. Has Jeanine Pirro had Plastic […]