Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Though plastic surgeries are no surprises in Hollywood today yet some starlets still prefer to be discreet about it. One of them is Ashley Judd who has been really strong about denying any claims on cosmetic surgery on her. However, her overall refreshing appearance even after on the wrong side of forty refutes her stress […]

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Albeit plastic surgeries are the besties of female celebs yet many today many male celebs too prefer to go under the knife to maintain their youthful charm. One among the most popular of male stars who have opted for cosmetic programs is Ray Liotta. It is claimed that Liotta has taken to not one but […]

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries have long been regular with women celebs but not many know that male stars too have been under the knife a number of times. One of them is Rick Springfield who admitted of taking to plastic surgery even before he crossed 25 to strengthen his youthful charm among the fans. Over the years, […]

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Cheek Implants

Sally Field has been seriously thinking about Plastic surgery – this is not the big rumor. In fact, sometime earlier she made a statement confirming this on a television talk show. Looks like Sally went and turned her thoughts into action. 66 year old Sally Margaret Field is an American actress, singer and Television personality. […]