Karina Jelinek Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The modeling world is one of the most high intensity professions in the world. You need to be ready for anything. Karina Jelinek has no problem handling the stress of being a model; in fact she also made her way onto the screen as an actress and TV personality. When you take one look at […]

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After

So back in 2013, Jennifer Lopez denied plastic surgery rumors tweeted by a UK based plastic surgeon, Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi. However, her before and after photos may prove the doctor right, after all. Why the lies, J Lo? The 44 year old American actress, producer, dancer and recording artist is among those select few celebrities […]

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After

What could a young 27 year old Lana Del Rey do with plastic surgery anyway? No much – just gave her lips a boost, so that look full and sexy when she sings. And, of course, Lana denies all the rumours. But the before and after pix say a different story, altogether. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant […]

Ivana Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After

Like mother, like daughter – we have heard enough of Ivanka Trump plastic surgery rumors. Now it is her mother, Ivana Trump’s chance to step into the limelight. And, has she got it right. Mostly, No. With such hideously pumped up lips, we don’t think we can certify this as good plastic surgery. Has Ivana Trump […]