Kat Dennings Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kat Dennings has been involved with some pretty big name TV Show. Her most famous role would probably be in the hit comedy TV show 2 Broke Girls with costar, Beth Behrs. You may also recognize Dennings from the Thor movies. You might even remember her from the crucially acclaimed movie The 40 Year Old […]

Sarah Paulson Lip Job Before and After Photos

Sarah Paulson tends to be hailed as one of the most attractive 40 year olds on TV today. She has made a name for herself working in TV shows such as Deadwood and American Gothic, however her big break was with the FX show American Horror Story. She stars in the show with other big […]

Thigh Lift – Factors To Figure Out The Cost

Getting a thigh lift might seem unusual, until you consider that about 9,129 people had the procedure in 2014 alone!  Not so long ago you would be hard pressed to find a surgeon that would take on such a procedure. Now due to the increase of celebrity’s getting all kinds of cosmetic surgeries the thigh lift […]

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mercedes Edison is a beautiful model who is famous for her shoots in big name tattoo magazines. She is well known and has made a significant impact on the modeling scene in the few years that she had been around. Because of her popularity there is also some critics who have nothing good to say. […]