Craig Horwood Plastic Surgery Procedures

Craig Horwood is a cohost of the hit UK show Strictly Come Dancing, along with Darcey Bussel. He is often known for his edgy attitude and brutal honesty, even when it comes to talking about himself. Horwood recently admitted that he had to get at least plastic surgery procedures done so that he could feel […]

Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennie Garth is a bombshell actress who played a key role in the hit television series Beverly Hills 90210. She is known around the world for her outstanding beauty and personality. As of right now she is 42 years old, which means she is nowhere close to her golden years, however she is getting up […]

Lee Grant Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lee Grant is a world famous actress from the United States. She is also famous for directing and winning a slew of awards due to her accomplishments. It is hard to believe that Lee Grant is 87 years old today. While she does not look like she is 87 her body is still suffering from […]